Forest Management

Premium yields from a mature hardwood tree crop are fulfilling to everyone involved; the loggers, the sawmill, and especially the landowner, who smiles all the way to the bank. After the timber harvest, successful regeneration depends on sufficient numbers of desirable seedlings getting the correct amount of light. Rapid regrowth is directly linked to the timing of the harvest. In a nutshell, wood comes to a certain age when it requires harvesting to maintain a healthy forest. A wise forest protection plan allows your forest for government grants. With United Hardwood Ltd, we help you achieve your goals.

Why is sustainable forestry a big deal?

Since forest provides several purposes and uses, forest protection is necessary. From the economic advantages of timber harvesting down to satisfying our basic needs, we must ensure forest preservation. Timber and its resources meet our needs today, and with proper management, timber will continue to meet the needs of future generations. Trees affect the quality of our lives, benefiting us in more ways than we’ll ever know. They purify the air, provide oxygen and filter our water supply. Countless plants and animals depend on the forest for habitat. As part of the economy, lumber is a major source of employment, while supplying the key ingredient to thousands of products.

Proper forest preservation doesn’t just provide you ecological benefits; it also can also assist your financially. A sustainable forest preservation ensures that future generation can still take advantage of our existing forests. United Hardwoods Ltd. don’t waste resources making sure all of the logs are used wisely and appropriately. This is a part of our good stewardship practice. Harvesting your tree crop in its prime is a key element to forest preservation. Tree selection and proper timber techniques will ensure rapid regeneration of your future hardwood crop.

forest seedlings