Wood Structure
Choosing the right supplier for your lumber needs is crucial towards the success of your lumber project. Be it home building, wood works, handicraft, renovation, restoration, or flooring, we have an inventory of timbers, hardwood logs and wooded acreage. From fixings, entrance gates, concrete products, fencing wire, sawn timber to entrance gates and other home building needs, our proficient staff will give you the best advice for your unique requirements.

We have a well-trained staff that can guide you to through your pine lumber or 2×4 lumber selection. At United Hardwoods Ltd., we only sell nothing but the finest and valuable lumber and timbers. The timber industry supplies us with the key ingredients for a mind-boggling number of products. Trees have literally thousands of uses. You will find it in the house you live in, the boat you go fishing in, the paper you read and write on.

We have the materials for whatever lumber finished products you have in mind. Next to building materials, you have fine furniture, baseball bats, hardwood flooring, railroad ties and countless other everyday items. A couple of by-products include sawdust for bedding and bark for mulch for your flower beds. At United Hardwoods we are committed to producing high quality lumber, and not only that, but also to using every part of every log.

At Underwood Hardwoods Ltd, we don’t pressure our customers to buy our products that they don’t need. We strive to match our products that corresponds to your requirements. With more a decade experience in the lumber industry, we have the experience to guide you through your lumber selection experience.
As your trusted lumber company, we give value to our environment ensuring that we don’t waste our resources. We are your source for valuable lumber and timber that improves the performance and adds longevity to all your wood works!