The Sawmill

On top of a hill just east of the small town of Strasburg, Ohio, sits our sawmill awaiting your trees. Here at United Hardwoods, we stress a safety oriented workplace. Hiring of employees is not biased in any way. Regardless of race, religion or age. We handpicked our employees to ensure that we deliver quality timber and lumber products every time.

It has been our practice to quality-check our employees and provide them with the needed trainings and seminars to harness their skills. Our proficient salesmen are also equipped with the knowledge to assist you in your wood selection. Whether homebuilding, furniture crafting or wood works, we aim to provide you a pleasant purchase experience.

Our well- trained workers operate state of the art equipment, and have one goal in mind… how to get the most out of your trees. We have a fuel efficient saw mill lumber that produces that valuable products and custom works. We pay back to the nature by ensuring all parts of the trees are utilized. This is how we show our appreciation to the nature. After all, forests don’t grow to maturity overnight.

We practice practical forest management and use our natural resources wisely. At our sawmill lumber, we believe that using each log its best advantage is simply good stewardship. The number one product is, of course, furniture grade lumber, followed by pallet lumber, sawdust, and bark mulch. We recycle logs and turn them into stunning lumbers and slabs.

We set ourselves apart with our standards, cutting edge equipment, quality products and friendly staff. We pay attention to each client and cater to your individualized needs so you are assured that your specific requirements are fulfilled and delivered. Allow United Hardwoods to be your partner for your home building, renovation or custom furniture projects!