Timber Harvesting

Timber Harvesting

United Hardwoods Ltd. Is takes pride in our ability in providing the best options for your requirements. We have a range of products that utilize all parts of the trees. Rather than leave some parts to rot, we display wise forest management by using each log to the best of its advantage. We take our time to listen to your needs and come up with customized solutions.

Expert Timber Crews, Quality Work

The actual timber harvest takes place after the contract is signed and all the money has been paid in full to you, the landowner. United Hardwoods plans each harvest in compliance with the customer’s requirements and goals. Every landowner has a different situation, and we cater to each set of circumstances with the best workable plan. Our ultimate goal is to have you happy when we leave your property with the last load of logs. Whether you have two days’ worth of work or two months’ worth, we will do whatever it takes to make you one of our many satisfied customers.

We personalize our harvest to make sure you get most out of your composite lumber. We offer the best lumber prices and utilize advanced equipment for our harvest. Whether you want to give space for your trees to grow, cut selected trees or regenerate your trees, we have the appropriate solutions for your needs.

After the harvest is completed, we grade the paths, put down gravel on driveways as needed, repair any fences that may have been opened and, in general, put your land back to its previous condition. Remember logging is not the gentlest thing that will ever happen to your property.
However, we will respect your land with the respect it deserves. Our timber crews are highly experienced, working in helmets and with the proper safety equipment at all times. They are professional loggers who know the ins and outs of logging. If you see anything that concerns you at any time during the harvest, feel free to contact the timber buyer who you worked with on the contract.